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iAuditum: an integrated system for creation of audit templates, execution of audits, centralized depository and distribution of audit results, and administration of auditing personnel.

  • Restaurant inspections
  • Home inspections
  • Regulatory compliance audits
  • School evaluations
  • Workplace regulations
  • Company policies
  • Safety regulation enforcement
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• Selectable answer types: text, numeric, option list, radio buttons, date; import of templates
• Scores and weighting factors attached to the numeric, option list and radio button answers
• Ability to define your own answer types (pre-defined lists or radio buttons)
• Nested sections and subsections, entry and tracking of Corrective Actions
• User-definable hierarchies of audit subjects, unlimited classifications and hierarchy depth
• User role-based security, administrator-assignable finely-graduated access privileges
• Ability to assign audit subjects, hierarchy levels and templates to individual auditors; audit scheduling
• Searchable and exportable reports, editing audits based on user privileges, corrective action statistics
Multilingual application, with support for aggregating results from multilingual templates
Benefits • Organize all audits, find relevant results quickly - no searching in dusty file cabinets or spreadsheet files
• Reduced work load, no paper forms to fill out and copy to the computer, and results are always up-to-date
• Results of audits available online to authorized personnel, no emailing of spreadsheets or text files
• Assured security and integrity of the audit results, reduced arbitrariness
• Easy finding and tracking of audits with substandard score or with uncompleted Corrective Actions
Ways to use
Supported browsers: IE7, Firefox 3, Safari 3 and Chrome 2 or later versions of each
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