iAuditum logo "Trust is good, but iAuditum is better"

iAuditum: an integrated inspection software system for creation of audit templates, execution of audits, centralized depository and distribution of audit results, and administration of auditing personnel.

The iPhone iAuditum app allows auditors to perform audits while out of range of Internet. After subscribing to the iAuditum service (first six weeks free), users can create their audit templates online, and use the iPhone iAuditum app to download the templates, perform audits, and upload the results back to the central server for subsequent storage, viewing and reporting. The app also permits downloading of previously uploaded audits for completion of unfinished audits or updates of Corrective Actions status.

Subscribers to the iAuditum service are welcome to use this app free of any charge beyond the regular subscription fee. The app mirrors the function of the online web version of the 'Perform Audit' option.